THIRTY30 Cookie Policy

Most websites and apps use cookies, we do too. By using the THIRTY30 website and/or any of our Services, you agree to our use of cookies.

Cookies help us remember your preferences

When you go onto our website, we use cookies to remember who you are each time you visit us again. We also use cookies to store information so third parties can recognise you and show us analytics data about your time on our website.

There are three types of cookies we use:

Session Cookies

These type of cookies are there to help us remember who you are every time you open a new page. We store a unique ID in a session cookie, and every time you click a link or open another page, your browser sends us that ID so we can identify you. This means if you logged in on one page and click a link, you'll stay logged in on the other page.

Persistent Cookies

These type of cookies are used to store your website preferences. In fact, clicking "Dismiss" on the little Cookie banner at the bottom of the page actually creates a cookie itself, letting us know you've clicked it and we shouldn't show it you again.

Third-party Cookies

These type of cookies are used by third parties we trust to help us understand your usage of our website. Third-party cookies work by sharing your browser identification with a third party (like Google) so they can show us insights on which part of our website isn't working very well, or which parts are working great, so we can improve our service.